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It is a Lifestyle Choice – are you pro – “choice”?

Though “sexual orientation” is 8 whole syllables, you’re not really allowed to call it a “lifestyle choice”. You’ve heard your gay or college-aged friends insist, “Being gay is not a lifestyle!”

Promo photo of Robin Leach

If I’d known it was a choice, I’d have chosen this one!

Heck, you may have heard me crow this when I thought you weren’t listening. But they (and I) were wrong.

Being actually gay-identified is a lifestyle choice. The question is: are you pro-“choice”?

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Protectors of Marriage – Best of the Best

There are those who live out their own lives as quiet examples of virtue.

And there are those who stand and lead courageously in a battle for morality, tradition, and honor in matrimony. As our nation’s righteous beat back an aggressive onslaught against traditional marriage, let us honor the bravest and truest protectors of marriage, and draw inspiration from the Best of the Best.

Behold, the Best of the Best.
You may ask, “What source of greatness do these men have in common?”
Is it that they bared their souls before their maker as they were Born Again? Is it a humble appreciation for the women who have given so much to support their success?

Please take a moment to honor these men and to examine their work and their lives.



Other Accomplishments

Did more to protect marriage than you think.

Did more to protect marriage than you (or Fox News) would generally think.

Legislative Protections:
Defense of Marriage Act – Just because radical Iowa okays sinful marriage doesn’t mean that decent Californians need to honor it!

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – doesn’t specifically protect marriage, but does make sure that our soldiers don’t “flaunt it” :
– no “spousal” benefits
– no disgusting “welcome home” displays of affection.

51-plus years of committed relationships:
– 39 year marriage with Hillary Clinton
– 12 year relationship with Gennifer Flowers.

Mark Sanford - our next president?

Mark Sanford - our next president?

American Conservative Union lifetime score of 95!

Demanded Clinton’s impeachment following the president’s sexual scandal, labeling this “reprehensible”.


Likes hiking and international travel.

Not a clod, he truly appreciates a woman, not merely for being a good wife and mother, but also for being his soulmate, and is not ashamed to admit it.

As handsome as Sarah Palin is pretty, he has an air of being loved by God.

Restraint in several other extramarital dalliances: “never crossed the ultimate line“.

Straight-shooter, honest, role mode.

John Ensign: Straight-shooter, honest, role model.

Morals and Ethics:
Publicly called for Larry Craig’s resignation, after Craig’s homosexual airport arrest scandal.

Stood strong against gay marriage.

With his wife, were active Promise Keepers, members of a Christian evangelical ministry for strong families, strong marriages, and sexual purity.

An inspiration
to others who must come clean and repent.

Larry Craig of Idaho, an awful mistake.

Larry Craig of Idaho, an unfortunate mistunderstanding.

Publicly chastised Bill Clinton, on behalf of his constiutents, calling Clinton a “bad, naughty boy”.

Rated 100% by the Christian Coalition: a pro-family voting record.

– YES on a US Constitutional ban of same-sex marriage.
– YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage
– to allow job and housing discrimination on the basis sexual orientation.

Brave denials:
1982: strongly asserted that he did not give cocaine to minors or solicit sexual activity with minor pages.

david vitter

David Vitter, means what he says, says what he means.

Heart and values in the right place: David Vitter video

Brave denials:
-David vitter video.

About Those Lying Christians…

 This just in from Bill, -who was as I was, married in that brief but beautiful window of June to November, to a sweet, smart, kind, handsome, super-capable man raised in the LDS church. Both of our husbands were raised by families that have gone on to welcome us with deep and abudant decency and goodness. To say that I am grateful for their love is a vast understatement.


Pictured: Actual Gay Wedding Cake

Bill’s words are followed by my response, in which I call out lies for what they are.
I strongly believe that truth is multi-faceted and difficult to pin down. And so I don’t take lightly the accusation that someone is lying. But there are deeply mendacious lies that >50% of my nieghbors have used as reason for committing the un-American act of persecuting this minority.

Bill, your turn: (Top)

Hi <Name Omitted>

I suppose I should fill you in on the Proposition 8 situation in California, seeing as how your brother and I are the people on the list most directly affected by the topic.  Also, I gather from the ridiculous suggestion that this had anything to do with temple marriages suggests that you can’t count on your church to give you accurate information.  And I know your attention span is short, but I feel like I’ve been punched in the face 5,000,000 times by a gang of thugs who have been bankrolled by your church. Continue reading

Slapped 5 Million Times

Nice shiner!
Nice shiner? Thanks, neighbor!

Too dramatic?

How to give a hint of the way it feels to be slapped by 5,668,960 people?
Just over 1 of every 2 people I pass on the street, in stores, malls, restaurants, just over 50% of these people actually voiced their opinion:
  • that the stream of heterosexual parents and foster parents who maltreated my children, to the point of losing them, are more deserving of the basics of citizenship than are the adoptive parents who are helping these children heal?
  • that should I die first, my husband does not deserve my social security check, but the money I paid in, all these years, should go to subsidize the golden years of people who neither know him, support him, nor love him?
  • that I deserve to have paid the extra $20,000 in federal and state taxes since being hired by my current employer, compared to a straight co-worker sitting next to me, because I could have kept it if only I’d pretended to love some woman and tricked her into marrying me nonetheless?
  • that in this case and in this country, someone else’s religion should dictate laws limiting my wealth and well-being?
  • that all men are created equal except for homosexuals? Continue reading

Two Men With Tans

Um... yes. Fox IS sorta onto this.

Rahm and Barack: seem comfortable together

Hey: Obama chose Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff.
Rahm Israel Emanuel is part of the Jewish Intelligentsia.
Could it be that Barack Hussein  Obama is not, after all, a radical Islamist terrorist? (I mean, it made so much sense!)
Or more likely that he, Barack (which we all know is the Hebrew word for lightning) is still a Muslim terrorist — but in being so shrewd as to take on a Jewish chief, is showing his true colors also as part of the Zionist plan to control the world? (He said he’d shake hands across the aisle, and that’s some aisle!)
Rahm is also a bit of a hottie, startlingly like Obama in elegance and sense-of-style.
Two fit, well-dressed, handsome, men with tans?
Traveling on business together…
It’s indication, I think, of something more than the usual friendship among men.
(Poor Michelle – it’s Eddie Murphy all over again!)
 A.  Islamic terrorist?
 B.   Zionist power elite?
 C.  Homosexual agenda promoter?
 D.  All of the above?
Logically it’s D; no proof, it’s that feeling… 

Whichever it is, I’m just not too sure about America’s future.

Fox News, are you even onto this???

Radical Traditionalism I – Is Marriage Truly About Love?

(I want to credit much of Radical Traditionalist Theory to my sister and to mind-blowing conversations with her.)

Okay, marriage is about love
At least nowadays it is. But historically marriage was not merely a celebration of blissful love; nor, as I caution here, should it be.

Call me odd, un-romantic, bitter?

Ah, those hilarious Lockhorns!

Lockhorn Spouses - traditional marriage?

Shucks – please just call me old-fashioned. Not as in return-to-traditional-values-of-the-1950s-conservative; and I’m not talking about our tradition of Lockhorn spouses (though I can’t seem to get enough of their enduring mutual resentment – LOL!!).

I’d rather think I’m really old-fashioned; a thoughtful throwback; a Radical Traditionalist.
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Hanukah – A Brief History and a New Tradition (2007)

Are you un-inspired, putting up that crepe paper dreidel again?
Did you ever wonder what was really behind those sing-songy Sunday-school stories about the miracle of the oil?

Warsaw Uprising

Hanukah Wall of Freedom: Warsaw Uprising

How about this one: knowing how you live today, if you were placed back in the Hanukah times, would you have fought with the religious extremist zealots (history’s good guys), or would you have joined up with the more modernizing (yet still bloodthirsty), pan-cultural Helenites? (You’d probably have been killed either way.)

Some thoughts.

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