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Bumper Stickers: No on 8

Hey, I designed these and ordered them last night.
You can order some too, and pack one of these stickers on your own bumper.

Of course, for the Official dark-blue bumper stickers, and more gear, do go to:

LOTS of people don’t know that California’s Proposition 8 proponents are rather likely to win – and take away the newly awarded rights & responsibilities of legal marriage from gay people.

You can also donate.

4 Responses

  1. How can anyone say it is ok to not support all Americans equally?
    This is a travesty. How can you expect the American people to support each other
    in any matter buy setting up a vote to not allow equality. This is not American it is not patriotic. We must support each other equally so we all feel that
    we are Americans on the same mission. The last thing you need in this country is a huge percentage of Americans feeling like they are not supported in such a huge important matter. I am disappointed in those Americans for this. What if we decided that we would not fully support you in your mission how would you feel. Would you feel unsafe? Would you feel that some Americans are against you? I would and I do. We all want the same thing we all pay taxes a lot of us pay taxes which puts your kids through school. Are your kids important is the fact that we pay for schools for your kids important I bet you do? So you will take our tax money then turn around and tell us we are not good enough for full equality.
    Let me tell every American something some of you may not like. Your kid may be gay. That’s right you may have a kid at this time under your roof who is gay. You may or may not know you may not want to know. What kind of parent are you? What kind of parent would not want to do everything they can to protect their child? Someone who does not deserve to be a parent that’s who. Shame on you for not wanting to protect the very children you bring into this world. All Americans pay taxes to support your child we all do and you don’t want a law to protect them all. Shame on you Shame on you for bringing children into this world and not caring about them you are a selfish parent its all about you I suppose well you know what it isn’t we are going to fight you until the very end. How ironic is it that we care more about your kids than you do. Stop being so selfish Stop being so un-American Stop being so unpatriotic vote for freedom and equality for all Americans not just yourselves

  2. How ’bout “Separate is NOT equal-No on 8”

  3. I copied the “Do onto others” on a window decal on my inkjet printer and put it on my car. I am so sick of the happy go lucky No on 8 bumperstickers that I have seen and want revenge! Window decals can be had at any paper section of Best Buy or probably Tatget. They stick to windows or bumpers. Susan

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