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East Coast

Now lives:

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2 Sons
Cute dog


Talent Resource Manager: HR Global Inclusion & Diversity
Project Manager: IT, E-Learning, Executive Metrics
Graphic Design, Internal CorpID
University instructor
Research Science in Evolutionary Biology, Health Sciences
Clerk in convenience store, department store, fast food
Caterer, dishwasher, hotel housekeeping staff
State park employee. adult personal care assistant
Dancing instructor, Sunday-schoool teacher, Hair-cutter
For-hire musician

2 Responses

  1. through your job you have a lot fof reach can you please get this info out there !!! and come too
    My husband michael giluso is arranging another rally this sunday so people can see good minded people who are no voters on 8 in person. please put a story on your blog to help get more people there for us. Feel free to suggest to your freinds to do the something in their own neighborhoods too. We were able to generate a good story in the san jose mercury news and online from this past Sundays fun. It was also the most emailed story in the whole publication. FREE PUBLICITY with third party authority. We had people from 4 to 64 years old out with signs , chanting, smiling and generally were very well received. The morman and against 8 sign, the straight and voting no on 8 and the no on h8 signs were very popular. Save my marraige whihc is just like yours.
    Michael and I have been together going on 6 years and were married on the first day it was legal in June by Supervisor Ken Yeager. The phonebanks need help all over California still and of course money is needed to keep the ads fighting back against the radical white right wing LOL as they have been called, http://www.noonprop8.com


  2. sunday oct 26 2-5pm
    hamillton and 880
    where kohl aanfd tmobile are
    yourself, friends, and family
    let me know how many of you will be coming
    See you there

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