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Bumper Stickers: No on 8

Hey, I designed these and ordered them last night.
You can order some too, and pack one of these stickers on your own bumper.

Of course, for the Official dark-blue bumper stickers, and more gear, do go to:

LOTS of people don’t know that California’s Proposition 8 proponents are rather likely to win – and take away the newly awarded rights & responsibilities of legal marriage from gay people.

You can also donate.

Yeah, I Love My Dog, But… May 16, 2008

Is America ready to put to rest the claim that same-sex marriage must lead to inter-species marriage? This issue sparkles so brightly in the imaginations of many alarmed heterosexuals (e.g. Jerry Falwell).

Loyal, yes... but maybe not <i>that</i> loyal?

Loyal, yes... but maybe not THAT loyal?

And somehow this is part of the case in favor of the continuance of my second-class citizen status. Not having my marriage recognized federally makes me poorer and thus penalizes me, my husband and my children.

So let’s talk about those canine nuptials.

I’ve never heard of a homosexual hoping to marry his or her dog. And I know a lot of homosexuals. Perhaps we don’t love our pets to the same degree that these straight folks love theirs, though that is not a bad thing. Sure, we know pets make good companions, but conversations with our non-human companions about child-rearing, retirement and health care are not very fulfilling. And I don’t mean to be harsh, but I wouldn’t trust even my own Fido to enter into a meaningful contract. Yes, he’s good looking, you know, in a dog-sort-of-way. Yes, great personality. But he can’t sign his name to a contract, or even swear he means it. That’s not what dogs do.

There are many reasons I can’t imagine marrying my dog, though he is well-loved and cared for.

But as a human male who is emotionally and physically attracted exclusively to human males, I say nonetheless, that on the day that heterosexuals finally are granted the right to marry their pets, not one day before or after, gay citizens must be granted this right alongside the rest of you.

It’s only fair.


Obama & Wright, Beyond the Bite – March 19, 2008

It often takes me some time to develop strong opinions, though I tend to hold them quite fiercely.  I waded in past the sound bites and finally have an opinion to share – and of course I’d like you to share mine.

Popular news sources have been fabricating significance of the strong words of Obama’s old pastor, and then have been selecting sound bites from his recent speech and presenting them as his direct response to these particular critiques, but the real content of his speech went so far beyond mere response. What he said was deeply important and speaks to the very essence of my fears about our current political struggle between the organized Right and the disorganized… well, “non-Right”.

Since I can remember, since our Iran hostages mysteriously were let go as Reagan was sworn in, after Carter had toiled to free them, I’ve seen Republican strategists, Rove, Gingrich, attempt to win the political game, to bring our democracy’s interplay to closure, to wrest a stranglehold for their team. They have played by leveraging democracy’s tools in a way that will, to the extent that they succeed, shackle its very virtue.
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