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Radical Traditionalism I – Is Marriage Truly About Love?

(I want to credit much of Radical Traditionalist Theory to my sister and to mind-blowing conversations with her.)

Okay, marriage is about love
At least nowadays it is. But historically marriage was not merely a celebration of blissful love; nor, as I caution here, should it be.

Call me odd, un-romantic, bitter?

Ah, those hilarious Lockhorns!

Lockhorn Spouses - traditional marriage?

Shucks – please just call me old-fashioned. Not as in return-to-traditional-values-of-the-1950s-conservative; and I’m not talking about our tradition of Lockhorn spouses (though I can’t seem to get enough of their enduring mutual resentment – LOL!!).

I’d rather think I’m really old-fashioned; a thoughtful throwback; a Radical Traditionalist.
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