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Blame the Gays

Marriage is failing.
I hear it’s because of the gays.

  1. “If we let homosexuals marry, next comes polygamy”
    • Hey: Don’t blame polygamy on the gays – blame polygamists: blame FLDS; blame Islam; blame Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We gays are still working on the basic one-on-one thing.
      (BTW, polygamists don’t get divorced at the same rate the rest of you do.)
  2. “Next, people will marry their pets”
    • Again, that’s your weirdness, not ours. We want to marry people like ourselves, hence the term homosexual.
    • Want to see something really creepy? Do a google search on “marry your dog”. I am serious.
    • I heard a male Ivy-League college student recounting his previous night’s dream of getting romantic with his dog. “The worst part about it”, he said, face all pinched, “- my dog is a guy!
      No, Bronson, that aint worst part. Bestiality trumps homosexuality to an extent that you can’t begin to quantify.
  3. Divorce is already rampant – how can marriage survive gays?
    • That’s your fault – we probably won’t do any better than y’all do, but we didn’t mess up what we’ve never had.
    • Bonus points: most of the homosexuals who want to marry today have been together >10 years already.
  4. It’s against God’s will
    • Strike 4: No it’s not.
      (Yes it is; no it’s not; yes it is…)
    • You start legislating selectively on the basis of your correct religion, wait 5 minutes or 5 years, and they’ll be shoving their incorrect religion down your legal throat. That’s why we don’t make laws based on God’s will here in America.

Maybe life is more complicated than explanations supplied by our religions, politics, and products. Maybe cautious decency, not confident dogma, should be our approach (see blog entry on Obama’s Big Speech).


3 Responses

  1. Prop 8 or no, the California Family Code states that “domestic partners shall have all the rights, protections and benefits” of married spouses. And, honestly, what’s the point of marriage if you’re not getting anything extra than a piece of paper? Gays can’t produce offspring on their own. That’s what a marriage is for, and what is has been for since the beginning of human existence. You can do whatever you want already, but don’t force your standards on the rest of the world by forcing gay marriage to be recognized as identical to straight.

  2. So marriage is for procreation, always has been. And that’s the standard you use for who should be allowed to marry? Or are you waving your arms and looking for something to pin your distress upon?

    Okay then: prohibit marriage for the childless, the post-menopausal, the post-vasectomy.

    Or prohibit un-married child-rearing – there are plenty of people who can’t make their own and would love to raise a child – which would allow those fine people finally to marry, under your standard.

    As it happens, many gay people do make their own children. I didn’t. I’m just raising two wonderful kids who were, let us just say, not cared for as a child deserves to be, by a series of straight people who *were* supposed to care for them.
    The day my husband and I were finally legal, our children were overjoyed.

    But the federal government doesn’t recognize our marriage, which is why I’ve paid over $20K more in taxes in my current job than I would have had to had my marriage or domestic partnership been recognized by the US government. Domestic partnership benefits are great, but the extra tax burden hurts my family. It hurts my kids.

    Christopher, who is forcing their standards on whom? I’ve had yours shoved down my throat my whole life. Tell me what you will sacrifice with my marriage’s recognition.

    And if I die, my husband will not collect my social security. This means the money that could go to my family will instead be used to subsidize *your* family’s economic health. Feel good?

    Don’t talk about a piece of paper. This is my life. This is whether I’m a second-class citizen of my country, which, yes, means a lot to me.

    And this is about my family’s well-being.

  3. Christopher, you hit the nail on the head and you should really take your own advice:
    “You can do whatever you want already, but don’t force your standards on the rest of the world…”

    Why can’t you (as in you, Christopher, straight male) just do whatever you want without forcing your heterosexual standards on the rest of the world?

    Why is that so difficult?

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